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Daniel offers an extensive variety of voices for commercials, promos, animation, video games, trailers, and more to meet your voice acting needs! 

For your convenience, Daniel can record in his own home studio and provide raw or fully mastered recordings of the voice overs.  Feel free to explore and hear all that Daniel has to offer for your projects!  

Daniel is a Pittsburgh-based voice actor.



Daniel utilizes professional equipment to ensure high quality at all times.


Microphone: Rode NT1-A

Audio Interface: Scarlett 2i2

Headphones:  beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 ohm

DAW: Reaper

Current Projects


Daniel is currently the voice the Corporal Jason Oatman in the audio drama "The Haven Chronicles" and the voice of Adam Lockwood in the forthcoming audio drama "Danson." In addition, Dan plays multiple roles in the forthcoming indie SWAT shooter "Ready or Not" by developer Void Interactive.

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Please contact Daniel for bookings.

Rates to be determined on a project by project basis. 

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Projects, Past & Present


Audio Dramas / Podcasts

The Haven Chronicles

  • Corporal Jason Oatman


  • Adam Lockwood

Code 10-33

  • Detective Scott Marshall

Lustrias (Visual Novel/Audio Drama)

  • Richard Sinclair

X WHY Podcast

  • Carter the Bar Player

Whisper Ridge

  • Dalton

Video Games / Visual Novels

Ready or Not (Video Game)

  • Various characters

Club Wowzers (Video Game)

  • Brad, Claude, Titus, Fudge, and Clutch

Possessions (Visual Novel)

  • Jack Vermilion

Icebound (Visual Novel)

  • Edward

Pyrite Heart (Visual Novel)

  • Kichiro

Our Lost World Beneath the Skies (Visual Novel)

  • Magnus

Commercial / Industrial / Narration Clients

  • Lennox National Account Services: narration for training videos and voice messaging systems
  • ALung Technologies: narration for training videos
  • Ganett: narration for online training activities for new nurses
  • nSite: narration for presentation 
  • American Board of Addiction Medicine: narration for online activities 


X Fighters! Eye of the Dragon

  • Jack
  • Chandler
  • Arren